Wedding photographer & videographer in Lake Garda – Verona. A minimal-chic and neoclassical wedding inspiration in an historic Italian villa

Destination wedding: Lake Garda

Finding the location of your dreams for a wedding on Lake Garda is not as simple as it may seem at first sight: the offer is very wide, but it is difficult to find a place where it is possible to celebrate the ceremony (religious, civil or symbolic) and to host the reception; or you may find a wonderful “plan A”, but no “plan B” in case of bad weather.

Our experience as wedding photographers and videographers on Lake Garda, used to working on the Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino sides, has allowed us to get in touch with some realities that definitely stand out in terms of beauty and versatility.

The Venue: Villa Cariola

Among these is Villa Cariola, an elegant historic residence located on the hills of Lake Garda, in the province of Verona.

The villa, with its neoclassical facade, the frescoed party room and the well-kept garden, was the perfect setting for this intimate wedding in a minimalist and sophisticated style.
Those who are familiar with the latest wedding trends will surely know that the minimal-chic style is very much in vogue lately.

The real minimal chic style

But be careful! Minimal absolutely does not mean lean, or even worse, cheap. Indeed, the aesthetic choices are extremely modern and refined.
Delicate colors and neutral palettes are an essential feature of the minimal chic wedding. The graphics are simple, linear and clean. Floral decorations do not exceed in quantity and size and often combine fresh and dry elements. Even the bride and groom’s dresses follow the same style: flowing lines, simple, neutral colors.

The motto is “less is more“.

The result is an overall elegant design, but without glitz; a delicate atmosphere, sometimes ethereal, but still full of personality and decidedly contemporary. A relaxed and informal context that does not renounce the utmost attention to detail and the preciousness of the fundamental elements.

The photo shoot

This wedding photo shoot perfectly embodies all of this: a very intimate symbolic ceremony at the top of the famous staircase of the villa, a table set in a minimal chic style with flowers in neutral colors, golden cutlery and placemats, graphics (menus, place cards and table markers ) and a terracotta-colored table runner that stands out on the white tablecloth. A delicate stationery but at the same time full of character, a wild bouquet that combines dried and fresh flowers. And, last but not least, a decidedly stylish, relaxed, naturally elegant couple with a casual-chic look: more romantic for the ceremony and more glamorous for the party and the cake cut.

If you know us, you know that the couple session could not be missing. We took the bridal photos in the luxuriant front garden of the villa, colored by the sunset with a warm and enveloping light.

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Servizio fotografico realizzato durante il nostro “One-day Intimate Workshop 2021”