Wedding Memories Wooden Box and Wedding Albums

The Wedding Memories Wooden usb Box is an elegant customized wooden box (size 25×14 cm), which houses a USB key with all the pictures of your wedding and a small selection of fine-art prints (10×15 cm) with the most representative images of the day.
A pleasant and original way to preserve your precious memories in digital format. When you wish, you can look all the images, share them or have them printed in all formats and on many different substrates; the files in the USB, in fact, are all at maximum resolution and without logos or watermarks.
It is an exclusive available only for our customers.


The wedding album is certainly the only indelible and tangible memory that the spouses have of their wedding. Leafing through the pages of a wedding album (or photobook) allows you to retrace all the precious moments of that day even after years, and to relive them with friends and relatives.

Unlike most wedding photographers, we have decided not to limit ourselves to offering only 2 or 3 album models, but to avail ourselves of the collaboration of various printing houses, all of top quality and strictly 100% Made in Italy, of which we supply the whole catalogs. In this way, through our partners we can provide our customers with a very wide range of choices, as regards types, formats, graphics and customizations.
We consider the album an “optional”, that is, an accessory that the spouses can (or not) purchase from us. For this reason, all our wedding packages include only the photo shoot, while the album has a separate cost. No problem, therefore, if you prefer to wait before deciding to proceed with the purchase of the wedding book or if, simply, you just need the digital files of your photos. The choice is up to you!

The prices of our albums, which as is understandable also vary greatly according to the model, size, number of pages and customizations, start from € 650 (for a simple model with 40 pages), pagination and taxes included.