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When we started shooting together a few years ago, we immediately had the impression that our visions of marriage were completing a story: while Alberto was more oriented towards the “landscaped” portrait and the “WOW-picture”, Alessandra was more attentive to details and people’s emotions. Two different points of view, but which blend to offer a complete view of marriage. During 2018 the study has expanded and Francesco, after a period of “apprenticeship”, has joined the team as a third photographer. Since early 2020 Ylenia has also officially joined the team as Alberto’s assistant videographer.
Now we’re happy and proud to be able to offer our customers a 360° service that allows us to carry out both photographic services and wedding videos, without having to entrust any external studies/agencies. We also take care of the editing of photos and videos. For us this is important to have 100% control of our work and to be able to give everyone our characteristic and personal imprint.

Our works have been published on several italian and international blogs and magazines, such as: Elle Weddings, The Lane, Wedding Chicks, Bridal Musings, Together Journal, Chic & Stylish Weddings, Wedding Wonderland, Ellwed Magazine and blog, Laendle Weddings, Aisle Society, Mia Sposa Magazine.
We’ve also been among the 10 “Best wedding photographers in Northern Italy” of the American blog and online portal Junebug Weddings and “Selected Top Vendors in Italy and Greece” for the Greek blog Chic & Stylish Weddings.
You can find us on MyWed, Wedding Wire,, Italian Wedding Circle.


What we like

We love outdoor weddings, relaxed and informal atmospheres, with a slightly bohemian flavor; refined but not necessarily expensive setup: greenery, flowers, feathers, candles, macramé laces and cushions …and of course lots of colors, skilfully combined.
Our favorite customers are those stylish, authentic, original couples, who know how to have fun and like to spend quality time with families and friends


Ex architect and interior designer, now I am photographer and videographer. I developed the passion for photography since a was a child, fascinated by the ability to capture time and situations through the light coming by the lens. My university studies formed me further, and taught me to pay more attention to the composition and to the balancing between light and shadow. Since 2018 I have also added videos to my professional experience, and today I am the official videographer of the studio. My goal is to capture all the emotions of the day, according to the style given to the event; every marriage has its own history and its moments, and I try to make all my works unique, different and original.



In my previous life I was a lawyer and a horse rider. Fortunately, Alberto saved me from a “behind-the-desk” existence and introduced me to the magical world of photography. After the first portrait sessions, in 2015 I started working with him in the field of wedding photography, first as a mere assistant and then (from 2017) as a second professional photographer. I consider myself constantly evolving, in terms of photography, although I think I’ve reached a rather personal style, particularly devoted to the most “emotional” side of marriage. I always try to add to our services that touch of sophistication and attention to detail, which is typically female. My favorite marriages are the intimate ones, elegant in their refined simplicity, with a strong bohemian touch. I love outdoor ceremonies (maybe in the middle of a wood), raw wooden tables, candles, flowers and macramé lace.


Curious, optimistic and always ready to learn from every little stimulus: so I can describe myself in a few words. Born as a graphic designer in a studio in which photography reigned supreme, I had the opportunity to assist many photographers, thanks to which I developed a sense of proportion and balance. After years, in which a strange series of events led me to study radio management and then to work as a social media manager, I was then kidnapped again by photography. It was no longer a question of balance and static symmetry, but it had turned into a warm emotion, captured and fixed in an image. Thanks to Alberto and Alessandra I was able to learn and see firsthand what the wedding world really was. They have modified the idea that I had on photography, generating what today is for me one of the greatest satisfactions: to be an active and shy witness of what is the most important day for two spouses. Now I’m the third professional photographer of the Studio


For many years I’ve lived in London, a city and experience that has broadened my horizons and trained me professionally.
My character constantly leads me in search of new challenges and for this reason, thanks to Alberto, Alessandra and Francesco, I approached the wedding world, a dynamic, stimulating and constantly evolving sector.
Photography is a pure art form, even if the video world interests me in particular because it recreates fragments of life giving them movement, enhances them, animates them.
For me it is a new reality, with certain rhythms, sounds, perspectives… there I can give space to my creativity.
I love to travel, to film all the beauty that surrounds us and to tell real stories to anyone who will watch them.

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