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  • Alberto

  • Architect, designer and photographer, I developed the passion for photography since a was a child, fascinated by the ability to capture time and situations through the light coming by the lens. My university studies formed me further, and taught me to pay more attention to the composition and to the balancing between light and shadow. My goal is to capture all the emotions of the day, according to the style given to the event; every marriage has its own history and its moments, and I try to make all my works unique, different and original. In these years I’ve also had the opportunity to work both in various cities in Italy, and abroad, deepening different photographic cultures. I’ve had experience working with italian couples and foreign wedding planners. My style and my approach have therefore evolved in an “international” and “multicultural” way.
  • Alessandra

  • Ex lawyer, I was struck by the sacred fire of the art of photography thanks to Alberto. After the first portrait services, in 2014 I started working with him in the field of wedding photography, first as a mere assistant (disc holder and flash-bearer), then as a second photographer and today as a collegue. I consider myself constantly evolving, in terms of photography, although I think I’ve reached a rather personal style, particularly devoted to the most “emotional” side of marriage. I always try to add to our services that touch of sophistication and attention to detail, which is typically female. As for the rest, I love traveling and since I was a child I have cultivated a boundless passion for animals and, in particular, for horses and horseriding.
  • Francesco

  • Curious, optimistic and always ready to learn from every little stimulus: so I can describe myself in a few words.
    Born as a graphic designer in a studio in which photography reigned supreme, I had the opportunity to assist many photographers, thanks to which I developed a sense of proportion and balance.
    After years, in which a strange series of events led me to study radio management and then to work as a social media manager, I was then kidnapped again by photography.
    It was no longer a question of balance and static symmetry, but it had turned into a warm emotion, captured and fixed in an image.
    Thanks to Alberto and Alessandra I was able to learn and see firsthand what the wedding world really was. They have modified the idea that I had on photography, generating what today is for me one of the greatest satisfactions: to be an active and shy witness of what is the most important day for two spouses. Now I'm the third professional of the Studio

Alberto e Alessandra destination wedding photographer Tuscany Verona Italy


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