Wedding Editorial – A minimal, delicate and timeless wedding in an industrial location

The inspiration

The idea for this minimalist and ethereal inspiration shoot started from an empty space.
From a large unused room in an industrial-vintage location: Fabbrica Saccardo, an ancient factory dating back to the early 1900s and now transformed to host events.
White walls and ceiling, warmed by natural light. A perfect container, suitable for hosting an intimate reception, a true blank canvas to be filled with refined and delicate details.
Aerial installations in all the warmer shades of white generate a sharp contrast between delicacy and industrial elements.

The floral arrangements

The floral choice is deliberately minimal, to enhance the factory and its elements. The main flower essences are clematis (used for the realization of the aerial installation and centerpiece on the reception table), stabilized white ferns, butter-colored hydrangeas, scabiosa and ivory-colored ruscus. The keyword is lightness.

The table

The table is extremely delicate, refined, ready to welcome friends. The tablecloths are in raw hemp, slightly overlapping, as for an informal family lunch. Old vintage crystal bottles, antique white plates with a thin golden rim, inherited from the grandmother, vintage bronze cutlery, marked by time. All this to recreate a welcoming atmosphere, without sacrificing attention to detail.
On each seat, in addition to the menu, a “thank you” letter, hand-written and personalized for each guest. The table is complemented by numerous candles that warm the atmosphere.
Dinner is not prepared by the usual catering, but by a home chef, “Marco Assaggia“, more suited to an intimate and informal event like this.

The details

Even the outfits of our “non-bride” reflect the relaxed and minimal mood: a jacket-trouser suit handcrafted in soft ivory fabric, and a warm wool dress with essential lines.
The bouquet, obviously all white, is composed entirely of stabilized elements that make it eternal. The element of rupture, absent in color, is rendered by the choice of an asymmetrical and deconstructed shape, stopped by a recycled silk ribbon.
Not even handcrafted graphics escape this ethereal and poetic atmosphere.

Credits below the gallery


Fabbrica Saccardo


Alberto e Alessandra VideoFotografia Italiana

Concept & allestimenti

Ottavia Bosco


Marco Corradi “Marco Assaggia”



Mua + Hair

Veronica Tavella


Take the Point