A wedding photographer in Northern Ireland – Belfast

As a wedding photographer, when I arrived in Belfast and took a first look around I immediately realized that Northern Ireland is the perfect scenario to shoot an amazing photographic session.

The natural landscapes are so amazing, wild and unspoiled.  Ok, the weather maybe is not so pleasant: such a strong wind, rain and cold are hard to bear for a “Mediterranean” tourist like me. But all this belongs to the special charm of Ireland.

During my stay, was particularly impressed by the Giant’s Causeway, an area listed as a UNESCO World Heritage from 1986, on the Atlantic Coast. Science explains that sixty million years ago, the county of Antrim was shaken by a strong volcanic activity: the molten basalt and fluid crept in chalk beds, forming a broad lava plateau. Air and water froze the lava in a vise of columns from hexagonal shapes, but also even at four, five, seven, and eight sides. Soooo incredible!

The second day, I visited the Titanic Museum, a monument to Belfast’ maritime heritage on the site where the Titanic and her sisters Olympic and Britannic, were built.  Here it’s possible to find out how the Titanic was built, how was the life of the passengers on board and why took place the dramatic sinking that has finally consigned her to history.

Two days are really to visit the center of Belfast. I especially liked the beautiful greenhouse in the Botanic garden and the covered Market. As soon as I saw them, I immediately thought it would be great to be there with a couple to shoot some pictures! Maybe next time…

All photos of this service have been realized with a Sony RX1 camera.

A special thank you to my travel mate Lorenzo Poli