A romantic, colorful celebration in the heart of Tuscany

The city of Florence has always been one of the favorite destinations for couples who wish to celebrate their love in a romantic and refined setting. Among the innumerable locations that the city offers, the Medici villa of Lilliano is undoubtedly the one with the most interesting history.

It is perfect both for an event in grand style and for an intimate celebration, like the one chosen by Rahcel and Spencer.

We had the pleasure of immortalizing their wedding and we are happy to share it with you through our images. Let yourself be carried away by the emotions of that special day, by the delicate shades of the colours, by the beauty of the floral details (curated by the talented Nicole of Fiori Quotidiani) and by the enchanting panoramas that can be enjoyed from the terrace.

Are you ready to experience the magic of Tuscany through our shots?

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