We were pleasantly surprised and honored when Jan and Cintia chose us as photographers for their destination wedding on Lake Garda.
A little, because photographing “international” weddings is always a good experience and a little’ because the locations chosen by the future spouses were particularly impressive and promising.
Yes, because these young newlyweds had decided to rent a whole villa, the wonderful “Villa Vittoria” of Gardone Riviera (a small town on the western shore of  Lake Garda), to host their guests and to hold the wedding party.
Just in front of the Villa there is a picturesque Lutheran church, where they celebrated the religious rite.
After the usual congratulations and a fast buffet, the guests were entertained with a train-tour through the streets of the village and a boat ride to the beautiful Isola del Garda, while the couple was engaged in the most “portraiture-part” of the wedding service.
Unfortunately, a bad downpour disrupted the plans and didn’t allowed Jan and Cintia to have dinner in the garden, but the good will of guests and staff made possible to run the event in a climate of great celebration, emotion and fun.
A last surprise for the bride: the final fireworks, to cap off the perfect wedding!