Destination wedding photographers in Sicily, Noto.

As destination wedding photographers we often receive requests from couples who live far from our city, Verona. It ‘s always a pleasure and a great thrill to work in new places and experience new cultures. This time we have to thank Ludovica and Mario for letting us discover the city amazing of Noto in Sicily, so full of history, colors and magic.

Only few places are wildly evocative and poetic as Sicily. During the summer, the light and the colors give magical atmosphere … perfect as a setting for an engagement photo service.

Ludovica and Mario wanted us as photographers of their marriage. Unfortunately, prior commitments did not allow us to be the photographers of their wedding, but in front of their insistence we reached an agreement: if we could not realize their wedding service, we will have shoot at least their engagement!
So they accompanied us, under the hot and blinding sun of southern Italy, to discover their wonderful city, starting from the Cathedral, and then the beautiful countryside and the beach (called Lido di Noto).

We hope to have instilled all the emotions of that day in this selection of shots.