A delicate balance between informality and sophistication

The paradigm of the modern destination wedding in Tuscany

If you want to know the true essence of modern Italian style, you can’t miss this unforgettable wedding at Le Filigare, a charming resort located in the province of Florence, Tuscany. This extraordinary event was a celebration of love and style, a contemporary wedding that brought together two young hearts in love in the most “tuscan” setting one could ask for.

The Venue: Le Filigare, the charm of Tuscany

Le Filigare, with its breathtaking location in the heart of Tuscany, provided the perfect backdrop for this special celebration. It has everything you could dream for a wedding in Tuscany: surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, this venue offers spectacular views of the countryside. Its traditional architecture and rustic charm blend beautifully with the sophisticated and trendy atmosphere that the couple desired for their big day.

The mood of the event was perfectly captured in the following images, a delicate balance between informality and sophistication. The wedding took place in an authentic and emotional frame, with the radiant couple surrounded by the warm affection of their two families. Every moment was so perfect, from the touching ceremony to spontaneous laughter during the celebration, creating a visual narrative that reflects the palpable joy and love in the air.

So stylish, so contemporary – A refined aesthetic masterfully crafted by amazing vendors

This wedding was not only a union of two kindred souls but also an ode to contemporary design. The choice of sophisticated setups, the stylish attire of the couple, and attention to detail contributed to creating an extraordinary experience. The credit for this refined aesthetic must certainly be attributed to the skill of their Wedding Planner, Danila Stella and their talented florist, Il profumo dei Fiori.

Explore these images with curious eyes, immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this wedding. Each photo is a precious fragment of a day that will remain in the hearts of the couple and those who shared this unique experience with them.

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