How many times have you heard of “boho style wedding“?
For some years now, it seems that this is the maximum trend in terms of marriage.
But what is really “boho” (and what not)?
How can this beautiful style be adapted in the context of weddings?
We love all that is boho! It is probably the style we prefer most of all, and which we would choose if it were our marriage.
It is characterized by very natural, wild and earth-related environments (especially woods and meadows, but even the shore of a lake or the beach can be perfect), by an apparent simplicity, a very laid-back climate and by the presence of elements such as multicolored flowers, greenery or dried flowers, macramé lace, feathers and candles.
Usually, the boho marriage involves a short ceremony, even a symbolic one, outdoors; followed by an informal reception, where carpets and comfortable cushions are not missing to relax together.

With this photo shoot we wanted to provide all lovers of this genre (like us) with a series of very BOHO ideas.
To characterize it more and give it an even more defined imprint, we’ve chosen to be inspired by Native Americans and the atmosphere of Central America. We wanted something that had a wild, unconventional taste, maybe even a little extreme …but in the end this the aim of all the inspirational shoots, to provide ideas, from which everyone can draw what he/she prefers.

We are happy to have found a team of professionals who immediately grasped what we had in mind and put it perfectly into practice.
We didn’t even expect such a result!
Thanks to those who have shared this journey with great enthusiasm… the list is below the gallery!

But first, we’d like to introduce you this photo shooting with our short video teaser:

more videos on Alberto e Alessandra on Vimeo

Hope you enjoy our work!

Concept, photos and video:
Alberto e Alessandra Fotografia Italiana + FML Fotografia

Coordination & Planning:
Verona Wedding Party

Dress and shoes:
Maura Brandino for Atelier Albertini

Flowers and decorations:
Ottavia Bosco

Veronica Tavella Hair And Makeup

Pablo’s Hats

Ile au Tresor of Liberty Wing (owner Karline Pelaquini)

Model: Nina Filipovic