Natural chic and minimal wedding at Le Frassanelle Farm – Padua

The first time we met Camilla and Alberto in person we immediately had the feeling of being in total harmony with them. Do you know that feeling… when you meet someone and from the very first second you understand that he/she is on the same wavelength as you?

Maybe because, in some way, we have to do with the visual arts and aesthetics, or because we too are passionate about design and furniture like Camilla (who is a stylist and interior design blogger, under the pseudonym of “La Tazzina Blu“), or maybe because we all love Scandinavian style, hygge and minimal.

Well, the result was that we couldn’t wait for their wedding day! We were sure it would be a beautiful event, characterized by a refined taste but without excesses and a delicate, “simply sophisticated” atmosphere. We knew that we would find fertile ground to give vent to our creativity and make a job that was fully in our strings.
Not to mention the location, one of our absolute favorites: the Frassanelle farm, a seventeenth-century farmhouse on the slopes of the Euganean hills.

But then Covid arrived.

And so Camilla and Alberto had to upset their plans. But they didn’t lose hope! The marriage was rescheduled a few months later, waiting for the general situation to improve.
Fortunately, everything went well (even better than the first pessimistic predictions) and the wedding was able to be celebrated on date-B, without too many changes or restrictions.

What can we say except that our feelings turned out to be 100% correct?
A beautiful day, also from a meteorological point of view, an informal and relaxed atmosphere, very stylish settings in their linear simplicity.

And then, Alberto and Camilla.
Excited, smiling, moved.

We are grateful to have lived this adventure with them and to be able to tell it in our own way, through our images.

We also made the video of this wonderful wedding… scroll all the photos and you’ll find it!

Credits below

Photos and Videos: Alberto e Alessandra Videofotografia Italiana
Location: Tenuta le Frassanelle
Catering: Maggiordomus
Options: Anneris Flowerfarm
Wedding coordinator: Un Giorno su Misura (Elisabetta Bilei)
Wedding dress: Atelier Dorio
Stationery Graphics: La Tazzina Blu
Groom suit: Tiger of Sweden
Wedding ring holder: Maruska Fiengo
Make up: Eleonora Carraro (The Lady on the Cross)