Let’s spread creativity!

The idea of the INTIMATE WORKSHOP stems from the desire to share our philosophy and the experiences we have gained over years of work in the destination weddings sector with photographers who want to enter the wedding world or who intend to upgrade their market.
Be inspired by the shootings we have organized for you, increase your portfolio, discover new tricks to optimize your workflow and achieve greater visibility, improve relations with other operators in the sector, find new stimuli and charge your batteries.
In one word: join the Intimate Team!
And remember … it’s not the usual workshop!


It is a VERY LIMITED and SMALL workshop.
There are only 10 places available!
This allows us to work in a friendly, relaxed, informal environment… in a word, INTIMATE.

We don’t want anyone to feel excluded or not sufficiently considered. Each of you will find their own space and will have the opportunity to express themselves WITHOUT ANY EMBARANCES.
The keyword will be SHARING; of ideas, suggestions, methods. We will photograph together and, if you like, we will analyze together the images produced.
The small number of participants will make it easier to interact, make friends and “NETWORK” between us.
At the end of each morning there will be a LUNCH with friends. This aspect is very important to us, as we believe that these moments of conviviality are also useful to enrich us and continue the discussion in a pleasant and fun way.

It is a small RETREAT to get back on track and to find new stimuli.






The 2020 intimate workshop was held in Verona, in the heart of Valpolicella, near Lake Garda. The location of the next Intimate Workshop 2021 has not yet been defined.

For photographers who would like to approach wedding photography or who, already working in this sector, would like to INCREASE their engagement, enter a different target clientele, be published by blogs or magazines.

The intimate workshop 2020 was held in Italian. If there are many members who do not speak Italian, we will evaluate the possibility of hiring a TRANSLATOR

The 2020 Edition was held on 26/27 June. The dates of the next edition have not yet been defined, but probably it will be on the first week of NOVEMBER.
Send us an EMAIL to be updated on upcoming developments


Raise the level of your style!

The PORTFOLIO is the business card of every photographer.
The images speak “for you” and “of you”, capturing the attention of potential customers. A curated portfolio is the first and most important work tool. Therefore, it is not our intention to provide only theoretical notions.

In the two days of the course we will organize 2 STYLED SHOOTS: a couple session and an elopement.
The best way to create a captivating portfolio in step with the times, able to attract a medium / high level international clientele is therefore the styled shoot. Occasion in which we have the opportunity to give maximum vent to our CREATIVITY and to “raise the bar” of STYLE.

Our styled shoots will see the participation of 2 pairs of models and excellent suppliers who will take care of the fittings, clothing and accessories.
We will suggest you how to make the most of these wonderful resources and obtain visibility and publications.

Below you will find a short gallery of some photos taken during the INTIMATE WORKSHOP 2020.
Each edition will have a SPECIFIC THEME, which we will develop together with a wedding planner and a team of excellent wedding vendors.
We are already thinking about the style that the 2021 EDITION will have, and we’ll have a BIG SURPRISE, but for now we cannot reveal anything!

Here is a little backstage of our Intimate Workshop 2020 Edition