Coziness Presets

Coziness presets - vol. 1

Coziness Presets – Vol. 1
Purchase Volume 1 of our original Coziness Presets, developed for Lightroom and Photoshop.

In one package you will find:

3 color presets, with different characteristics:
– “Coziness Caramel”,
– “Coziness Coffee”,
– “Coziness IceCream”
1 black and white preset:
– “Coziness B&W”
1 short and simple instruction manual for use.

Price: 49 € (taxes included), payable also with Paypal

Send an email to to receive all the info and the package

Our original Coziness Presets have been created to suit a wide variety of images and all lighting conditions.

They harmonize colors, allowing you to obtain chromatic uniformity and a distinctive character. They are characterized by warm and enveloping tones, deep blacks and a discreet contrast.
They are very simple to use and fully customizable or adaptable thanks to their flexibility.

Below are some EXAMPLES of images to which Coziness Presets have been applied, both in color and in black and white.
Move the slider sideways to see the final effect.

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