Wedding Films

In addition to photo shoots, we also make wedding videos.
How to define our wedding videos in few words?
Well, let’s start with the fact that our wedding films are short, as they last between 4 and 7 minutes, depending on the length of the wedding and the amount of material collected.
In fact, the function of our videos is not to narrate marriage by chronologically documenting every single phase or detail, but to enclose in a film a series of “highlights“, that is to say of particularly significant and exciting moments.
Our style can be defined as “artistic cinematic“, as it follows the style and methods used in the film industry.
Our videos are not assembled in chronological order, but follow an order that we could define as “emotional“: the most intense and significant scenes are the focus of the video and go hand in hand with the soundtrack, which is of primary importance to us .
Each of our films is different from the previous ones. We do not follow fixed patterns in editing, because we like to give a distinctive character to every product, inventing something new and original every time. We take care of every single detail with great care and we are not satisfied until the result does not convince us 100%.
For this reason, the delivery of videos is longer than the delivery of photos (4-5 months).
Given the particularity of our style and the manner in which we make it, it is very difficult to modify the video once it is finished. We also want to personally choose the accompanying music, which must be totally in line with the mood and the climax.
It goes without saying that it is essential for us to have clients who espouse our 100% vision and identify themselves totally in our style or in our vision of the wedding film. Sometimes, not always, we insert parts of promises or spechees into the audio.
It is possible to buy them in full, paying a surcharge and taking care to communicate it before the wedding.
The prices of our wedding photo + video packages start at € 3,700.
Below you can find some examples of videos made by us. You must know, however, that YOUR video will be UNIQUE.

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